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SDZ5186TSLF road sweeper
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SDZ5186TSLF road sweeper

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Radar early warning intelligent anti-intrusion active early warning device


Front-mounted automatic obstacle avoidance and cleaning device


Product overview

SDZ5186TSLF type road sweeper is modified by the chassis of China National Heavy Duty Truck National Class Ⅱ. The chassis uses the German MAN technology engine, which is safe and reliable; it is equipped with a high-pressure cleaning and dust reduction system, clean water tank, maintenance box, garbage can, lifting device, rear sweeping roller, The left and right vertical sweep, hydraulic system, special electric control system, etc. are refitted. The chassis engine provides driving power while providing bodywork power. The high-pressure water pump adopts domestic plunger water pump, brass pump head, suitable flow rate, high pressure, and the maximum allowable pressure is 10MPa. The large-volume clean water tank is equipped with a low-liquid level alarm device. When the liquid level drops to a specified height, the system will automatically alarm to avoid damage to the high-pressure water pump when running without water. The left and right vertical sweeping adopts double sweeping discs, which increases the sweeping width. The left and right vertical sweeps are controlled separately, and different operation modes such as left sweep, right sweep and full sweep can be realized. The driver can easily control the driving speed to ensure the cleaning effect under different road conditions. The middle and rear parts of the chassis are equipped with high-pressure nozzles obliquely pointing to the front of the vehicle to achieve high-pressure cleaning and dust reduction on the road surface.

SDZ5186TSLF road sweeper has multiple functions such as road cleaning, road cleaning, curb cleaning, curb and curb facade washing, spray dust reduction and other functions.

SDZ5 186TSLF road sweeper is suitable for cleaning operations such as mechanized cleaning, scrubbing, spraying and dust suppression of highways, urban roads, squares, airports, docks, tunnels, and bridges. This vehicle is especially suitable for road cleaning where the amount of road garbage is large, the diameter of garbage particles and the weight are large.


Product features

★The product is a new-generation road sweeper based on the company's self-developed road sweeping technology. It has the functions of high-pressure water jet cleaning, dust reduction, vertical sweeping, and rolling sweep collection and transfer;

★The front high-pressure water spray device adopts the fog wind mode, which can spray dust and clean with fog. The dust reduction and cleaning effect is much higher than the traditional spray system; the sweeping roller adopts a special new nylon brush, which has a fast cleaning speed. Compared with the suction sweeper, it has obvious advantages such as low noise and high wear resistance;

★No centrifugal fan, low energy consumption, low noise, convenient maintenance;

★The automatic control system adopts German imported intelligent motion controller, which is safe and reliable, stable in performance, and IP67 protection level; the trash bin adopts the lateral discharge method, and the discharge angle is large to ensure that all sediment and garbage can be discharged automatically;< /p>

★The trash can is made of stainless steel to prevent the garbage from corroding the inner wall of the trash can and increase the service life;

★The control system adopts a program-controlled automatic interlock protection program to protect the safety and reliability of the sweeper during operation or misoperation;

Technical parameters

Vehicle model Trash bin volume (L) Sweeping width (mm)
SDz5186TSLF road sweeper 7.5 3200
Chassis model Water tank volume (L) Cleaning efficiency
Sinotruk ZZ1187K501GF1, 4500 6.5 ≥96
Dimensions (length X width X height) (mm) Diameter of front sweep disc (mm) Maximum cleaning granularity
Length: 8530 Width: 2500 Height: 3000 900 110mm
Total weight (kg) Diameter of back sweep roll (mm) Working speed (km/h)
18000 800 5~ 60
Washing water flow (l/min) Rated pressure of cleaning water (Mpa) Trash can tipping angle
25 ~ 40 (varies according to engine speed) 6~10(adjustable) ≥45°


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