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SDZ5087TYHF Asphalt Pavement Repairing Truck
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SDZ5087TYHF Asphalt Pavement Repairing Truck

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SDZ5087TYHF asphalt pavement repair vehicle is designed for cracks and diseases that occur during the use of asphalt pavements. The operation is flexible, fast, safe and efficient.

The SDZ5087TYHF asphalt pavement repairing vehicle has the function of pavement crack tracking and filling; the vehicle is equipped with a crane that can integrate special equipment for road repair such as slotting machine, hot air spray gun, vacuum cleaner and the vehicle to fully repair the asphalt pavement gap. The product has obtained many national patents and passed the provincial technical appraisal. The domestic leading product level is the preferred equipment for asphalt pavement maintenance.

Product features
★The product uses China National Heavy Duty Truck National VI chassis, power steering, heating and cooling air conditioning, suitable for various conditions of operation.
★Using vertical forced mixing, the sealing glue is heated evenly and discharged quickly.
★The whole vehicle adopts full hydraulic drive, and the main hydraulic components adopt American Eaton products, which is easy to operate and safe to work.
★Asphalt pipelines and asphalt pumps are built-in, no cleaning after use.
★The heat-conducting oil heating is used for the heating of the potting glue tank and the intelligent automatic temperature control device is installed to ensure the heating effect and quality of the potting glue; improve the safety of the equipment.
★The discharging speed of the sealing glue can be adjusted to meet the needs of various working conditions.
★Equipped with truck-mounted crane materials and other on-board equipment for easy hoisting.
★Using the rear-end material design to reduce road occupation during construction and avoid traffic jams.
★The product has the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's vehicle manufacturers and product announcements, vehicle listing announcements, exemption announcements, and environmental protection announcements.

Technical parameters

Vehicle and chassis

Chassis model: Sinotruk.

According to the standard: National VI

Gross weight (kg): 8280

Curb weight (kg): 6700

Wheelbase (mm): 3280

Dimensions: 6350X2300X3200(mm)

Truck-mounted crane

Lifting weight: 500kg

Lifting radius: 2m

Control method: remote control

Other configuration

Optional: slotting machine, hot air spray gun, vacuum cleaner

Technical parameters of stirred tank

Mixing volume: 500L

Heat conduction method: indirect heating by heat transfer oil

Mixing form: fully enclosed three-dimensional compulsory type

Drive form: hydraulic transmission

Temperature control method: automatic temperature control

Temperature control range: 0-250°C

Heater: imported diesel burner

Asphalt pump flow: 0-15L/min

Asphalt tank volume: 500L

Part of the technical parameters of the power system of the upper body

Bodywork power system: bodywork without auxiliary engine, chassis power take-off


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