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SDZ5086TYHF Multifunctional hedge trimmer
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SDZ5086TYHF Multifunctional hedge trimmer

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Product overview

This multi-functional hedge trimmer equipment is composed of Sinotruk automobile chassis, diesel engine, hydraulic pump valve, joint arm (including cylinder, pipe fittings, etc.), cutter head, fuel tank, counterweight and control system.

The product is suitable for highways, national and provincial trunk roads and other greening maintenance operations. It can be applied to the pruning of roads, roadside shrubs, lawns and trees, etc., and can realize the pruning construction on the left and right sides to meet the requirements of middle hedges, side slopes, etc. Pruning requirements of different working conditions such as road shoulders and high branches. It has the advantages of powerful functions, high efficiency, reliable performance, flexible movement, and low construction operation cost.

Product features

★The product is a new generation of multifunctional hedge trimmer equipment based on the company's self-developed hedge trimming technology, which is suitable for various working conditions such as expressways and highways.

★With functions such as 360° rotation, 180° folding, wireless remote control, etc., it can realize trimming of various angles such as plane, side, and inclined plane.

★The product adopts an innovative design, a full hydraulic control system, and a fully automatic three-section folding arm. It has the advantages of stable performance, fast trimming speed, and low noise.

★Equipped with special vertical pruning tools such as shrubs and high branches, and special horizontal pruning tools such as greening in the middle zone and lawn slopes.

★It has the function of remote control operation, which improves the safety of construction workers.

Technical parameters

Chassis brand Sinotruk Light Truck
Total mass 8280kg
Dimensions 6310x2300x3815
Diesel engine power 19KW
Diesel engine control speed 1400- 1500r/min
Structure form Three-section folding arm
Control system Full hydraulic control
Maximum trim height 5500mm
Trim width 1500mm
Minimum trim height -2000mm
Maximum flat shear distance (to the center of rotation) 5450mm
Trim angle Various angles such as plane, side, inclined plane, etc.
Trimming tool application Vertical/Horizontal
Tool speed 2000r/min
Trimming diameter range φ5-60mm


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