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Chairman Message

Chairman Message

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Chairman Message





Chairman and General Manager of Shandong Dongyue Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Zhang Yangxun

★ Outstanding Entrepreneur of Shandong Province

★ Meritorious figures in China's auto industry for 30 years of reform and opening up

★ The First Top Ten Confucian Businessmen in China

★ Outstanding contribution entrepreneurs in Shandong's equipment manufacturing industry

★ Model Workers in Jining City

★ May 1st Labor Medal of Jining City




The years are like songs and the vicissitudes of life, Shandong Dongyue Company has experienced more than 20 years of trials and hardships since its establishment, and has now developed into a comprehensive research and development, production, sales, and transportation of special vehicles, RVs, and road and bridge machinery and equipment. Group company.

For more than 20 years, we have been adhering to the corporate spirit of "unity and hard work, heavy-duty forge ahead, self-imposed pressure, and the courage to strive for the first", actively explore, boldly innovate and work hard, standardize management, gradually establish a scientific development strategy, and build a group development Framework, cultivated the ability of sustainable development. A corporate culture of "people-oriented, honesty Dongyue" has been formed, and a team of talents with high comprehensive quality and professionalism has been cultivated in practice, laying a solid foundation for a new round of development. These are the basis and strong guarantee for our happy and long-term cooperation with you.

In the new era, new mission, new deeds, in the days to come, let us work together, cooperate sincerely, and constantly surpass, and build a new career dream together!


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