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SDZ5087TXBF Asphalt Pavement Hot Recycling Repair Vehicle
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SDZ5087TXBF Asphalt Pavement Hot Recycling Repair Vehicle

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Product overview

SDZ5087TXBF Asphalt Pavement Hot Recycling Repair Vehicle is designed for many kinds of diseases such as potholes, cracks, crowding, subsidence, network cracks and so on during the use of asphalt pavement, which is flexible, fast, safe and efficient. Realize a variety of on-site maintenance operations. The repair strength is high, the cost is low, and it is operated around the clock. The waste asphalt from the trench excavation does not need to be crushed, and 100% is thermally regenerated on site. Large output, high efficiency, low construction cost, energy saving and environmental protection. It is an ideal multifunctional comprehensive road maintenance vehicle.

SDZ5087TXBF Asphalt Pavement Hot Recycling Repair Vehicle has: hot-in-place regeneration of asphalt pavement, forced asphalt concrete mixing, asphalt spreading, pavement crack tracking and grouting, pavement compaction and pavement crushing, providing hydraulic power and power supply for other hydraulic tools. An integrated utility model maintenance vehicle. The product has obtained eight national patents and passed the provincial technical appraisal. The domestic leading product level is the preferred equipment for asphalt pavement maintenance.

Product features

★You can choose heavy truck light truck, Haohan truck chassis, power steering, heating and cooling air-conditioning, suitable for various conditions of operation. It adopts cyclone water dust removal device, no smoke and dust, energy saving and environmental protection.

★Using vertical forced mixing, which can mix asphalt concrete.

★The whole vehicle adopts full hydraulic drive, and the main hydraulic components adopt American Eaton products, which is easy to operate and safe to work. Asphalt pipelines and asphalt pumps are built-in, so they don’t need to be cleaned after use.

★It is equipped with an asphalt metering device, which can accurately measure the amount of asphalt per kettle according to the requirements to ensure the oil-stone ratio of the mixture. Equipped with emulsified asphalt spraying equipment, suitable for multi-condition construction.

★The mixing bin is equipped with an infrared scanner to effectively control the mixing and discharging temperature. The rear-end material loading design is adopted to reduce road occupation during construction and avoid traffic jams.

★Using the multi-directional discharging design behind the side, the discharging can go directly to the pit, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.


Technical parameters

Vehicle model Chassis model Wheelbase (mm) Total weight (kg) Curb weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Engine power (kw)
SDZ5087TXBF ZZ1087H3315F183 3280 8280 7600 6570*2300*2920 135/ Country VI


Asphalt pump

Power: 3.34kw

Speed: 500r/min

Pressure: 1Mpa

Flow rate: 100L/min

Asphalt tank volume: 800L



Model: G5LC BTL26 (Italy)

Input power: 220V/50HZ

Fuel consumption: 5-25Kg/h


Power system

Hydraulic pump: GPC4-32-20-08

Rated pressure: 16MPa

Hydraulic motor: [Mixing]J6k985 [Eaton, USA)

Hydraulic motor: [Asphalt] JH100 [Eaton, USA)

Imported multi-way valve: MB-3/4S-3




Feeding mechanism

Hopper capacity: 0.12m3

Lifting cylinder: 2 pcs

Lifting load: 200kg

Stirred kettle

Mixing volume: 400kg/kettle

Hourly output: 3-5T

Mixing form: fully enclosed three-dimensional compulsory type

Drive form: hydraulic transmission

Temperature control method: infrared scanning

Temperature control range: 120-180° C

Heating method: fuel oil


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